A change

After running Wordpress as a CMS of choice on avdibeg.dk for fifteen (that's 15!) years, I decided to move to something lighter. I don't need a heavy (but really cool content management system) Wordpress, but something that doesn't stand in my way when I want to make a small update. I wanted to move away from being dependent on heavy MySQL database, so I chose GRAV, since it is a so-called flat-file system.

I used a couple of weeks to manually convert my site with its pages to GRAV, not because I couldn't convert them automatically, but because I wanted to make a status of the website, and go through all of its corners and make it slimmer, and remove all the old unnecessary and absolete stuff. This is the result, a minimalist website, mostly driven by text, but don't worry, I am not abandoning completely pictures - their selection will be more rigid. Let's see how all of this will work out. Hopefully I won't be running and crying back to the old place.

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