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Last night I was contemplating about my blog and what I am writing on it. Why do I do it? There was no easy answer, as one might expect. However, I found out that I am not writing about daily happenings (except some really huge or widely important stuff), nor I am writing about a niche subject.

What I am writing mostly about is my thoughts about a certain subject; it could be arts, politics, literature, science, food or a personal observation. Today I discovered an interesting article on exactly the same topic. I will partially use its points to reveal the crust of the nature of my blog.

After more than two years of blogging, 188 posts and 46,237 words, I am certain that I am not a blog guru, but I know this:

  • I don’t write about news, at least not every-day news.
  • I don’t write only about a one single subject. I (want to) write about anything that crosses my mind.
  • I am quite positive that I don’t write about “I washed my hair today and now I am going to work” posts.

Some of my previous posts have been, shall we say, not of a great historic value, but I used some time to find my own ground in the world of blogging. It is like identity shaping of a human being that takes some serious amount of time. It took me some time to become less frivolous, and more factual and serious. Not that I am completely drained from being funny, but I want my blog being filled with posts I would want to come back in the future and be proud of them.

Although I am a writer/poet (writing in Bosnian), I don’t use my blog to promote or train my writing skills in a professional manner. I am almost using it to distance myself from my literary writings or thoughts around them. I am not even blogging in order to get comments and feedback from visitors (not that I don’t mind).
But I am certain of one thing – I blog because of writing. I like to write, and since I am so lazy and unproductive regarding production of my own writings, I use my blog to compensate for the inability.

So, I blog to write.

  • I’m an American living in Sarajevo and read your blog regularly as well work on one of my own. Like you I wonder sometimes — why? Google estimates that no more than 15 people read the average blog. You hit on one negative reason to keep it up — it gives an excuse for not producing real writing. Here’s one positive reason — one of the 15 readers you attract might be an interesting person you would not have met otherwise.

  • Hi, Rosemary. Yes, you’re absolutely right. It’s worth writing if you can by having a blog meet at least one interesting person. And by reading your own blog, I might be already lucky. Thank you.

  • It’s worth writing , today I was looking something on the web , and I dont know how I find your blog 🙂 .
    I need to say that I didnt find something interesting for reading on internet , for a long time .
    Your stories took about 3-4 for ours of my time , and I dont mind it “i want more“ .
    I must say that i`m impressed , I have somee ??? that i would like to ask you . But for the first i will continue reading .

    P.S Rodom sam iz Bosne , tako da imam koji razlog vise da mi vasi clanci budu zanimljiviji , zadivljena sam kako dozivljavate svijet i kako te dozivljaje uspijete izraziti . Pisala sam komentar na engleskom jer je zapocet na engleskom , nadam se kad se zanemare pogreske da se moze razumjeti . lol

  • Ciao Evelin,
    Zaista ti (mozemo na ti?) hvala na lijepim rijecima! Drago mi je da ti se moja skrabanja dopadaju. To je svakako razlog vise da nastavim pisati na ovome blogu. 🙂 Wow, 3-4 sata si koristila?! Jos jednom hvala i cujemo se.


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