Copenhagen in July ’06

The Danish capital must be visited in Summer; nice and sunny weather, happy and smiling people (I presume, due to nice weather), full of life and all kind of people. Simply, Copenhagen is much more attractive when bathed in sun than in rain.

I arrived in the city yesterday (July 8.), accompanied by my friend Bjarke, brother-in-law and his wife. My wife was also supposed to be with us, but our daughter got influenza.

After some unnecessary driving around the city (read: we got lost), we arrived at my friend Saša’s apartment around 11 PM. He is a nice guy, who showed some great hospitality and wanted to show us the city.

RÃ¥dhuset, Copenhagen

We took train to the center of Copenhagen and than a metro train to the station at Kongens Nytorv. From there, we took a walk to Amalienborg Palace, the winter home of the Danish royal family, but on the way we saw the impressive Marmorkirken (Frederik’s Church). We managed to attend the shift of the royal guard and than we continued to Amelie Garden where from we could see the new Opera House.
Than we walked to the Danish Parliament, situated in a nice Neo-Baroque styled Christianborg Palace. We decided to pay a visit to Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, with marvelous collection of Greek, Roman and French sculptures and ancient art of Egypt, Etruria and the Near East. The museum houses more than 10,000 works and is one of the largest in the northern Europe. After all the impressions at the museum, we agreed to find a place where to eat. Saša suggested a place near Pallads Cinema and so we did. It was an American restaurant and at the end everyone was satisfied. Next stop was National Museum. It is a fine place if you are interested in getting an insight into the Danish culture and its history: prehistory, Middle Ages, Renessaince and modern history. It was so hot inside (just like in Glyptotek) that I begun to make jokes with Bjarke, for instance, at some point we begun to sing ‘Wiener kinderchor-like’ “Hallelujah”. I usually get silly when I am tired, so I had an excuse. We continued to Den Sorte Diamant, the new building of the Royal Library, and than we took the bus to the main rail station and a train to Saša’s home. That night was the World Cup finals between Italy and France and there was no way in hell I was going to miss that match. We agreed to see the match at Saša’s place, since our room did not have a television. Hamo’s wife, Enita, was tired and did not wanted to watch the game so she retired to the room. The rest of the evening was a pure “guys night” and it was quite fun, with all beers, chips and kikiriki*. Even Saša, who is not a football fan, joined us and watched Italy win over France.
I was dead tired.

Parliament, Copenhagen

Next morning Saša could not join us in the city since he had some things to do. The rest four of us went to Strøget, the pedestrian street with all the shops and stuff. After that we visited The Round Tower, where from we had a great panorama of Copenhagen. We were so tired that we actually decided to eat (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and than we went back to Saša’s place where my car was parked and we left the city. We drove to the town of Roskilde so that we could see the Roskilde Cathedral, an impressive building that is protected by UNESCO. We found some time to take a walk through the pedestrian street and eat some ice cream. After that we drove all the way back to Vejle, after crossing the Storebaelt Bridge and the island of Funen.
It was an exhausting but great, condensed trip to wonderful Copenhagen.

* Bosnian for ‘peanuts’

  • Metro in Copenhagen [video]

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