Film review: A History Of Violence

I had quite high expectations for this movie, since I read several reviews praising Cronenberg’s latest work. And having high expectations really does not work for me, because it is really rarely I don’t get disappointed if I have high expectations for a movie. This movie is no exception.
I don’t like the story’s evolution. It really has a good start-up, but in never gets deep. I also don’t like Mortensen in this movie. He’s a little bit too drone, too steady for my taste. Miscast, I believe. Also Maria Bello does not seem to work here. Probably miscast, too.
What I like in this movie is the atmosphere, which is monotone, slow, heavy-aired and somewhat creepy. I also like Ed Harris‘ character – sinister and vicious. I also like the very successful transition from the graphic novel to movie. You can almost feel the drawn atmosphere on the paper.
As I said, the story really has a lot of potential, but in never got deep enough to get seriously “involved” into the plot.
When I got out of the cinema, I was confused and in dilemma. Should I really like this movie or not? In time I learned that if I ask myself this question, that the answer normally shouldn’t be positive.

2 stars out of 5.

  • Well, here’s my comment. I won’t try to persuade you to change your opinion brazzer, I tried that already with this film, but I think the problem is that you don’t accept it on its own terms. I believe that it works within its own framework, formally and story-wise. It is not flawless, of course, but, I think, on the whole a movie worth seeing.

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