What to bring to Bosnia

My brother, my friend and I will travel to Bosnia this summer. I have not been in my homeland in two years, my brother since 1999 and my friend Bjarke has never been there. So, I hope it will be an interesting trip to a multifaceted country with many nationalities, cultures, gourman flavors, musical branches etc.

Since my friend asked me what to bring, here’s the list (it will be constantly changed):

  • passport(visa not required for EU citizens)
  • money (I suggest taking Danish kroners)
  • sygesikringsbevis(health insurance)
  • T-shirts, short pants and sandals (it is hot like hell in Bosnia during summer)
  • sun glasses
  • sun protection (factor…)
  • bathing suit
  • sweater (during night in the car or eventual rain)
  • backpack
  • cellular phone (if you’re afraid of not being connected)
  • photo and video camera
  • reading material (book)
  • notebook and pen?
  • binoculars

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