Avdibeg’s Dilemma

Well, tomorrow is elections in Denmark and I am, for the first time in history of the Milky Way, unsure about who to vote for.
At, I am quite sure who am I not going to vote for:
Venstre (Left) – because they are a little bit too right for me.
The Conservatives – they care too much about capitalists, just like Venstre.
Danish People’s Party – hmm, they are a little bit too fascistic/nationalistic/patriotic for my taste.
Social-Democrats – they have similar politics to Venstre. Not much socialistic!
The Radicals – I actually agree on many issues with them, but I don’t feel like this time…

So, who can win my vote tomorrow?

Minority Party – for being a “party for humanity”.
Center-Democrats – very cool party with human and warm political standpoints.
Socialist People’s Party (SF) – for having a quite reasonable politics.
Unity Party – because I am such an idealist and because there is a quite unhidden communist in me 🙂

Phew, this one will be a tough one…

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