Dimebag’s dead!

After reading the news about the killings at the Ohio Heavy metal concert I am in shock.
Among the victims was one of my favorite guitarists and musicians, Dimebag Darell, ex-guitarist of Pantera.
He was one of most creative guitar players ever. He was the man who moved heavy metal from that cheesy-crappy-sissy-hairy-80’s-sound over to the cool, power, melodic, progressive & exploring sound.
I remember when I heard Pantera exactly 10 years ago, their first album “Cowboys from Hell”, I was blown away! I listened to it over and over, sometimes all night. It is probably the album I listened the most times. They just found this new sound, that was so inventive and powerful, the whole new musical world opened before my eyes (and ears). They are probably the reason why I found out about the progressive metal some years later. I cannot believe…

Rest in peace, man (and all the other victims)!
I’m in shock…

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