Book presentation: Pathétique

pathetique naslovnaOkay, I know this comes a little late, but better now than never.
On March 12, 2006, I had a book presentation of my poetry book “Pathétique”.
We were a company of around 27-30 people and apparently everyone had a realy good time.
My publisher held a nice and interesting speech. Than I read a poem in Bosnian and he in Danish. We read two poems – “In passing” and “Pathétique”.
By the way, we all had some wine, meze (Bosnian horse d’oeuvre), Bosnian cakes and sodas.
Pleasant afternoon, but not so cozy evening, since my wife and I were the only ones to clean up the place and take care of all the food, bottles, garbage etc.
Nevertheless, it was a pleasant and interesting day.

Book review: Through Bosnia-Herzegovina

through Bosnia-HerzegovinaMy wife gave me a gift few weeks ago. She ordered a book called “Kroz Bosnu i Hercegovinu” from Sweden, from the writer himself. The writer, dr. Izet Muratspahic, is actually only a translator of the book, that was written 100 years ago by the Swedish geologist and geographer dr. August Heimer. Mr. Heimer was a part of an international expedition through Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1904. He described the country with such a precision and dedication that it simply impressed me. There are a lot of statistics, numbers and specific details about Bosnians, their towns, villages and nature and its phenomena. For instance, did you know that Bosnia in the beginning of 20th century exported approximately 100 million kilograms of plumbs, or that Bosnians tattooed themselves for the centuries as the part of their tradition, or that a valley near town of Stolac has the average temperature as same as the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, thus making it warmest place in Europe? Mr. Heimer and his 70 colleagues entered Bosnia in city of Brcko on the Sava River in the north. On the train they continued to city of Tuzla, than Lukavac, Doboj, Maglaj, Zenica, Sarajevo, Travnik, Donji Vakuf, Jajce, Banjaluka, Bugojno, Gornji Vakuf, Prozor, Konjic, Jablanica, Mostar, Buna, Capljina, Popovo Polje, Trebinje and the coast of Adriatic Sea (in chronological order). I must admit, it was really impressive expedition through Bosnia exactly 100 years ago, and I just hope I can do the same in nearer future, since it was my dream for years to travel across the beautiful, colorful and diverse country. For all who want to know about Bosnia’s history or just want to get some historical facts and how the life was 100 years ago, this is great book.

The Alchemist

I had great expectations for this book, since I ordered it all the way from Sarajevo, Bosnia. I wanted to see what’s the fuzz about Coelho, and at the back of the books I read that this was Madonna’s favorite book. “Hmm, let’s see what’s this book about”, I said.

Well, this novel is about symbols, signs and dreams, which bring us a scent of old days, especially Medieval and Arab atmosphere.

In short, “The Alchemist” is about a boy called Santiago who has a dream and the willingness to pursue this dream.
The boy is traveling, hoping to find a treasure, hidden somewhere near the pyramids in Egypt.

The writer states in this book that we should not avoid our destiny.
He wants us to follow our dreams, find our happiness and joy.
Of course, the novel tells us to never give up, be always optimistic.

It all sound pretty nice, but I cannot say I enjoyed reading this book, because of somewhat populist way of writing. It is too simple, too pretentious, but at the same time also too not-larger-than-life itself…

The book has its fine moments, but there are not many.
I guess, my disappointment is some of the reasons why I am writing this little review a couple months after I actually read the book…

2-3 stars out of 5.

Reading my brother’s stuff…

I recieved a letter from my brother yesterday, and not only a good old-fashion letter, but also copies of two short stories of his. He named them “Visionary” and “A Meeting In Delft”. Oh yes, and he sent me his poem “Trio For A Street, A Man and A Voice”. When I read the poem, first thing I said to my self was “powerful shit!”. It was really good written, he described a moment, almost a second of the atmosphere in Venice so vividly, so colorfully…
The short stories were actually as good as the poem, I can only say – the kiddo can write…
My brother offered me to do illustrations for my forthcoming poetry book, and I accepted it, so I sent him a set of my poems. I hope he can find some interesting parts in order to create some atmospheric drawings. I’m sure he’ll make some fine stuff there…