This little machine is my new toy – it’s a Synology DS116 NAS server. 

So small, yet so powerful and versatile. I can access my files from anywhere, I can listen to my music, get to my photographs, share them with the family or friends, have my own calendar, mail, databases and so much more. 

Why didn’t I get it sooner? Merry Christmas to me.

All my cell phones (2001-2017)

I remember how I was very reluctant to get a cellular phone in the beginning of this millennium. I simply did not like the idea of having one in my pocket. I know, although I was only in my 20’s, I had some antimodern ideas at the time. The reason I got one was I moved away from my parents in the beginning of 2001, and of course I wanted to be able to talk to them when I or they wanted to. For the last fourteen years I owned ten (10) cellular phones, so let’s register them for posterity. 🙂

My first cell phone was a dark grey Siemens C45, which I bought sometime in 2001. I was so glad for that little bugger, it was small, handy and it never bugged me in any way.

Siemens C45

My second cell phone was a light grey Sony Ericsson phone (either T or K series, I don’t remember), and I got it in 2004.

The third phone was Nokia 3120c, which I acquired either in 2006 or 2007. I was very happy with this one, because it was a very small and handy device, which reminded me a little of my first cell phone.

Nokia 3120c
Nokia 3120c

My fourth phone was Nokia 5800 and it was my first smartphone, which I bought on 23 November 2009. It cost me 1800 DKK. It was chubby and it had the horrible Symbian 60 OS, but in a strange way I liked it (not too much, though).

Nokia 5800

My fifth phone was LG Optimus GT540 and it was my first Android phone. I bought it on 4 December 2010 for 1099 DKK. I really loved Android OS and the phones design, but its screen was not great.

LG Optimus GT540
LG Optimus GT540

My sixth mobile device was LG E510 (Hub), which I got on 16 December 2011 for 1502 DKK. It was small (3,5″ screen) and I liked it.

LG E510
LG E510

The seventh phone was Huawei Sonic (U8650). I bought it on 10 April 2012 and I only gave 999 DKK for it. It was okay, but it was also quite a slow one with pretty crappy screen.

Huawei Sonic

My eight phone was Huawei G300 which I got on 1 March 2013 for 999 DKK. It was the best smartphone I had until. It had a great screen and its processor was fast. The only negative thing was its somewhat erosive cover.

Huawei G300
Huawei G300

The next phone was Motorola Moto G (2013), which I bought in the beginning of 2014 for 1681 DKK. It was simply the best phone I ever had. It had a better screen than iPhone 5, it was fast and did everything I wanted it to do. I miss its great size, screen and the original KitKat OS version. My wife is now a happy Moto G user.

Moto G
Moto G

My current smartphone is blue My tenth phone was Samsung SIII (I9305). I bought it on 5th October 2014 for 1499 DKK. It is a very good phone with a great screen, but I just don’t like Samsung’s heavy alteration of the original Android OS. I am content with it, but there is simply no the same “whao” as it was with my beloved Moto G. On the other hand, it does everything I need superbly and that’s what counts in my book. Currently I am running the custom Nameless ROM with Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop).

Samsung SIII 4G (I9305)

[update: June 17, 2017]
On Sept. 27, 2015 I bought a grey Meizu M2 Note for 159 USD. It was a Chinese phablet, that served me quite well. Surprisingly, it had a great screen, and it never failed me. I like its one button, that had several functions. Its Android software was heavily modified, but it was not bad, at all.

Meizu M2 Note

On August 28, 2016 I purchased my phone no. 12 – Huawei P9 Lite for 1500 DKK, and it is my current phone. I must say I does everything I need. A great screen, 3 GB RAM, a great camera, Android 7 etc. I am more than satisfied. One of the best phones I ever had. No problems, whatsoever.

Huawei P9 Lite

Mate 9 Pro (Huawei)
My phone number 13 is here, received on September 6, 2017. It cost me 3000 DKK, which is a precedent regarding to the price. I never gave so much before for a phone, so I expect to have this one at least for the next two years.
So far, I really love this phone, its premium build, a wonderful double Leica camera, and gorgeous AMOLED screen. Not to mention 6 GB RAM and 128 GB capacity.

Regarding the website

Once again, I am thinking about changing my web host. Although I don’t have constant problems with my website, there were a couple cardinal situations for the past twelve months.
Last January my web hosting company suffered major system breakdown which resulted in breakdown of my website and loss of all of my data. I lost all files on my website, but luckily I was able to recover the Mysql database.

I am actually not happy to change the web host but I want my website to be stable and dependable. I browsed and searched the internet and I believe I am going to go with Unoeuro, a web host that is known for stability.

I hope I am not making a mistake. The price is more than reasonable, just 1 euro/month, and they offer MySQL, free traffic, domain control and free subdomain.

I apologize for inconvenience if the website becomes inaccessible or unstable in couple of next days.

Statistics for in 2008
Here’s some statistics for the past 12 months:

  • There were 92,297 visits and 444,848 hits on the site.
  • There were 38,036 unique visitors
  • There was 14+ GB traffic on the site.
  • April 2008 was the busiest month with 1,74 GB of traffic.
  • My spam fighting system Akismet caught 72,238 spam comments in 2008 (233,380 total).

[Update: 02-Jan-2009, 22:00]
I switched my website to just one hour ago and it is already working!! It is hard to believe that my DNS records are already updated, that my database has been imported without any problems, and that the website is running perfectly normal. I am not sure, but it seems the website loads faster, too.

Anyway, I am really surprised how Unoeuro handled every part of the transfering procedure. If anyone is interested in getting a web hosting at Unoeuro, you can use this rebate coupon (PEDTLK) and you will get 3 months for free. And the same goes for me.


This website was down for the last 3 days since its server suffered a major breakdown. I was able to recover my database in cooperation with my hosting company. I was really afraid I wouldn’t be able to recover the lost data, but fortunately I was wrong. I still wait for the hosting company recovering all of my files. There are still some photos and other files missing, which hopefully will be recovered soon. One more lesson learned on subject of (not) taking a proper backup.

Apologize for the inconvenience!

Ubuntu again

And so I try with Ubuntu once again. This time I’ve got to Feisty Fawn or 7.04, as I prefer to call it.

Installation went smoothly, it took only 10-15 minutes on my Dell Inspiron 6400.

I had only 1024×760 resolution, so I googled a little and installed something called 915resolution, so that I could watch my desktop at 1280×800. It worked, so almost everything was just as it should be.
Ubuntu recognized my wireless card so it took me just couple of seconds to hook up onto my wireless connection. This is the great improvement since in previous versions it was a pain in the ass to make the wireless card work.
I need Java for various reasons and it also worked after I installed it. Flash, too.
I tried to watch a film and Ubuntu asked me if I want Ubuntu search and install missing codecs. I agreed and after a few seconds later – it worked! It did the same for all audio codecs. I never seen something like that before. I am quite impressed with this feature in Ubuntu. Every operational system could learn something from Ubuntu.

I could easily access files on my stationary computer since Ubuntu found it on the network instantly, so it took me no time to copy all the files onto my laptop. Beautiful!

But there are some irritating moments when using Ubuntu 7.04:
If I enable desktop effects I cannot watch video files, DVDs etc. It means I have to disable it before watching films. Nothing cardinal, but still irritating.
Another things is that I have to type my keyring password (for wireless connection) every time I turn on my laptop. There are probably solutions to my problems, I just didn’t search for it yet.

All in all, I am really, really impressed with Ubuntu 7.04 and this time I will keep it on my laptop. That means goodbye Windows (on my laptop)! Ubuntu really made an operation system that everyone can use, from newbies to experts, and I can really recommend it to all who want to use something easy and usable or just non-windowsy.

Ubuntu 7.04