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I will continue publish single posts about the podcast episodes since the podcast is registered on this website, but the essential and most updated information about Film Magistery will be on


Pierwsze Miejsce, Stettin
Chatting with a gentleman from Stettin.
Brama Portowa, Stettin.
Pomeranian Duke’s Castle, Stettin.
Amra is waiting for her bagel at Bajgle Króla Jana
The Theater, Stettin.
Wały Chrobrego, Stettin.


The Duke’s Castle, Stettin.
Another look at the Theater, Stettin.
A night view from a cafe, Stettin.
Stettin downtown.

The best films in 2016

Every year I am making a list of all films I watched during that period, but this time I will do something else. Since I have changed my way of recording which films I watched during the year (it is now digitized and online), I will no longer post here the long list of all the films I watched during the year. However, I will make a list of the best films I watched, so here’s the list of the best films I watched in 2016 (some of them I watched before).

The Thin Red Line 10/10
The New World 10/10
The Lives of Others 10/10
The Turin Horse 10/10
The Witch 9/10
The Double Life of Veronique 9/10
To the Wonder 9/10
El Sur 9/10
The Tree of Life 9/10
A Short Film About Love 9/10
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days 9/10
Arrival 9/10
Stories We Tell 9/10
The Straight Story 9/10
Amarcord 9/10
I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House 9/10

As you can see, 16 films received 4 or 5 Avdibeg stars, which is actually a new record. Normally I gave only one or two, but the difference is that I really focused more on quality this year.

The year in cities, 2016

I have visited quite a lot of cities and places in 2016. This is the 12th time I am making this kind of list. These are all the places I visited and stayed in for at least one night, so here we go, once again:

Neddesitz, Rügen, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Viborg, Denmark
Velky Rybnik, Czech Rep.
Bosanski Šamac, Bosnia
Tuzla, Bosnia
Bugojno, Bosnia
Šibenik, Croatia
Pirna, Germany
Gothenburg, Sweden
Stettin, Poland

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Film Magistery #4: The Lives of Others/Surveillance

In the fourth episode of Film Magistery Dino talks about surveillance and how the society is subdued the heavy tracking from many different sides. As the reference to the theme the German film The Lives of Others (von Donnersmarck, 2006) is chosen to be discussed and how East Germany’s security police, the Stasi, kept the whole nation under its firm surveillance. Bentham’s concept of Panopticon is mentioned as an important element in discussion about surveillance.

But what does surveillance mean to us? Does it concern us on a personal level or are we just saying “I don’t care; they can monitor me anywhere and anytime – I have nothing to hide”? But what when surveillance is undertaken by private companies, domestic or foreign governments? Dino asks if a society should passively accept surveillance or perhaps contest it and demand from politicians to legislate and control it.

There is also a mentioning of some other examples of films with surveillance as the main theme: The Conversation, Minority Report, Caché, Brazil, Rear Window etc.

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