The Double Life of Veronique

The Double Life of Veronique (1991), a marvellous work of the great Krzysztof Kieslowski. A great film, that needs to be watched several times. It is not for everyone, especially not for those who consider Transformers or Rise of the Planet of the Apes as fantastic films.

Beside the wonderful cinematography, the music is phenomenal. I found it quite haunting and beautiful, not unlike the music later used in Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (1999). Zbigniew Preisner has really caught the film’s atmosphere.

Filmovi u 2015.

Ponovo je došlo vrijeme za popis filmova koje sam pogledao, ovaj put, u 2015 godini. Ovu vrstu evidencije vodim, čini mi se, od 2008. godine.

U 2015. sam pogledao 151 film. Razlog velikom broju filmova su svakako akademske obaveze na fakultetu, koje su zahtjevale gledanje dosta filmova (i TV serija), od kojih je dosta bilo horora.

Najbolji filmovi, po mome mišljenju, su bili: Birdman, Phoenix i Whiplash, koji su ujedno i jedini filmovi kojima sam dodijelio pet zvjezdica. Kao i uvijek, vrijedni gledanja su svi filmovi koje sam ocijenio sa četiri zvjezdica, a posebno ističem The Excorcism of Emily Rose, 1001 gram, It Follows, Victoria, Youth i Sicario.

Lista je urađena po hronološkom redoslijedu gledanja.

Heist Tower **
Exodus: Gods and Kings ***
Boyhood ****
Guardians of the Galaxy ***
Irresistible *
Dumb & Dumber **
Carnage ***
Pain & gain **
Here Be Dragons ****
Coherence ****
Cheap Thrills ***
The Gatekeepers ****
Moneyball ****
Point and Shoot ***
300: Rise of an Empire *
Safe House ***
Angel-A ***
The Guest ***
Annabelle ***
Birdman *****
And So It Goes **
Triangle ****
Gone Girl **
Honeymoon **
Lone Survivor **
The Caller *
Alien Invasion ***
Seduced & Abandoned ***
I’ll Follow You Down ***
Real Steel ***
Halimin Put ****
Star Trek: Into Darkness **
Another Me **
Spring **
Open Grave **
House at the End of the Street **
St. Vincent ***
The Linkoln Lawyer ***
Ex Machina ***
Theory of Everything ***
Goodfellas ****
The Imposter (dok.) **
Event Horizon ***
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night ***
These Final Hours ***
Sound of My Voice ***
Open Windows **
Infini ***
Silent House ***
It Follows ****
Scarry Eyes **
The Taking of Deborah Logan ***
The Maze Runner **
Entourage **
Byzantium ***
Interstellar ****
School Ties ***
Insidious 3 **
Chappie ***
Rubber **
Prisoners ***
Eva ***
All Good Things ***
The Judge ***
The One I Love ***
The Hunted *
Gone Baby Gone ****
Creep (2014) **
1001 grams ****
The Sightseers **
Ted 2 *
Vacation **
Unfriended **
Backcountry **
Phoenix *****
Los Ultimos Dias **
Mad Max: Fury Road **
American Sniper ***
Crazy Stupid Love ***
Red State *
Left Behind *
The Hunger Games ***
Maggie ***
Still Alice ****
The Internship **
Cop Car ***
Klovn Forever **
Freedom Writers ****
As Above, So Bellow **
The Canal ****
The Martian ***
Dark Summer *
Circle **
The Lazarus Effect ***
Amnesiac **
Grave Encounters **
Night On Earth ****
Pathology *
All That Remains ***
Sommeren ’92 **
Red ***
Silent Hill **
Connected ****
The Excorcism of Emily Rose ****
Fury ***
Dead Rising: Watchtower *
Tremors 5 *
Bone Tomahawk ****
Last Shift **
The Messengers ***
Chernobyl Diaries **
Terms and Conditions May Apply ***
Jupiter Ascending ***
We’re Not Broke ****
War of the Roses ***
A Single Man ****
Kill Theory **
Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night **
Hidden (2015) ***
The Gift (2015) ***
Exctinction **
Restraint **
Inside Out (Inderst Inde) ***
Howl **
Whiplash *****
San Andreas **
The Nightmare ****
We Are Still Here ***
Across The River ***
The Secret In Their Eyes ****
This Is Where I Leave You ***
Going Clear ****
Jurrasic World **
Non-Stop ***
Don Jon ***
The Chosen *
The Enfield Hunting ****
Mr. Jones ***
Tron: Legacy **
Devil’s Backbone, Texas *
Creep (2004) *
400 Days *
The Visit *
Woman in the Black ***
Victoria ****
Star Wars: The Force Awakens ***
About Elly ****
Dark Places ***
Youth ****
Self/less ***
Sicario ****
Westworld (1973) **

The year in cities, 2015

This is the time of the year (for the 11th time) when I make a list of all places I visited (and stayed in for at least one night) in 2015. It is a pretty nice collection of cities, stretching from Děčín in the east to Barcelona in the west.

Vejle, Denmark (hometown, duh)
Viborg, Denmark
Lütjenburg, Germany
Děčín, Czech Republic
Dresden, Germany
Calella, Spain
Barcelona*, Spain
Lübeck, Germany

My 200520062007200820092010, 201120122013 and 2014 lists.

* did not sleep in the city, but visited it twice.

The beach in Calella, Spain.
The main beach in Calella, Spain.

Christmas in Lübeck

P51224-135146_Fotor Lübeck is a beautiful city in the Christmas time. There are everywhere decorations and market stands where you can buy sweets, cakes, Glühwein (mulled wine) and decorations for your X-mas tree. But what I like about Lübeck are these narrow streets.
Amra and I enjoyed this time of the year in Lübeck. The Christmas markets are legendary – a lot of nice food and delicious Glühwein. Oh, before I forget it, we can definitely recommend a great restaurant, almost 500 years old and with such an easy name to pronounce: Schiffergesellschaft.

This part of Germany has unique house building style with characteristic roofs.

P51225-103224_FotorOne of Lübeck’s many canals. 

IMG_20151225_192417Lübeck in colors. 

Church of St Mary (Marienkirche) in Wismar.